PC + MODEM (intel) + Sipdroid (SIP/VoIP Client)

Hello, Im really new to asterisk and before I embark for this adventure I’d like to know if what I want to do is actually possible.

I have an old P3, which I could install Asterisk onto… This pc has an intel modem (a PCI card)… and then I have an android phone on which I could install Sipdroid (sipdroid.org). I guess sipdroid is sort of as a softphone…

What I want to do is for the PC to connect to the PSTN (landline I guess)… and use it sort of as a PSNT gateway and VOIP provider (?)…

I want to connect only one phone and nothing more (android) and make calls from that phone as if I were using my phone at home.

Thanks for any input!

Fist off the modem in your PC will almost certainly not work for this application. You’d need to get an Asterisk compatible analogue line adapter with at least one FXO port.

You can install Asterisk on your old P3 system but it probably won’t run that well, especially if you want to install a version with a decent GUI (as you don’t know Asterisk this would probably be good).

What I’d suggest is to have a look at PBXinaFlash. Install this on a machine by downloading one of the ISO’s for it and burning to a CD.

I’d suggest that between the phone system and the android phone you use a VPN connection. Have a look at the PBXinaFlash forum for suggestions on using Neorouter. This can run between Linux and Android. This will make your connection secure and will mean that you won’t open your server up for abuse by anyone scanning for open SIP ports.

You can then (as you say) using something like sipdroid to register your Android phone as an extension on your Asterisk system and then phone out via your home phone line.

Thank you for taking the time to answer with such a complete manner :smile: You’ve been very helpful! I’ll have a look at that!