Cell phone as gateway

Ok, so i am really new to this so please bear with me. In my house we currently have no home phone setup. My wife and I each have cell phones. I would like to setup an asterisk server to drive the phone lines currently unused in my house, but i don’t really want to pay for vonage or what not. I would like to use my cell phone and my wife’s cell phones as the phone lines that will be used in the house. Basically i would like to have each cell phone act as a pstn gateway for the asterisk system. Is this even possible? So what i need is

  1. a way to drive the phone lines in the house (so i can use regular 2 line home phones)
  2. a way to have asterisk interface with the cell phones (it needs to be able to send out calls and answer calls.)
    Each cell phone has bluetooth so i figure thats probably the best way to create the interface.
    What software am i going to need ? what hardware? (this will be my first asterisk server) i have an extra unused p3 box laying around that i figure i could use as an asterisk server. Is there a particular bluetooth adapter i should get? If anyone could give me direction for either part i would appreciate it.

There are one solution which will surely work but is more expensive:

  1. Get one GSM gateway.
  2. Put one more SIM card in it
  3. Get one analog card from Digium or Sangoma
    Or take a look at:
    voip-info.org/wiki/index.php … h+channels

I currently use an FM Cellroute GSM Gateway connected to a Digium TDM400 card with an FXO adapter.

the Dock ‘n’ Talk adapters seem to be popular. you then connect then into a TDM card or equivalent.