Can Asterisk Co-Exist with a web server?


I am new to Asterisk, but I have a basic questions I couldn’t find answered:

Will I experience problems if I put Asterisk on my web server?

I realise there are the usual issues of putting too much on a box, but can I just treat Asterisk like installing any other application on the box, or does it need its own machine?

I guess I’m asking what sort of load it puts on a server’s resources.


it could coexist with your web server however in terms of load it will depend on where you would use your asterisk application. if only a few calls would be made then it could be installed alongside with your web-server but if it will handle loads of calls then i might suggest putting it on a dedicated machine

I guess I’m asking what sort of load it puts on a server’s resources.[/quote]

A close guess - but even this question cannot be answered without considering what applications you want Asterisk to handle - will it have PSTN lines, what type if any, what kind of call loads, and so on and so on. (e.g., in some applications, it stresses interrupts, in some it strains CPU.) Asterisk is (almost) like Java. You can’t really ask what sort of load Java puts on a server. This wiki article can give you an idea about the wide range of factors (non-exhaustive) to consider in order to answer the question.