Install Help for New System

Hi, How can I install Asterisks on our current web sever without it wiping out our CAD system and Website. we have a linux vps server with MySQL and PhP

You can do so, but it would be inadvisable, as speech quality is likely to be impacted whenever someone is using the machine as a workstation.

Ok, We are a nation wide disaster emergency response and dispatch center and we are trying to figure out a way to setup a VoIP system for this instead of every dispatcher using their own cell phones

I probably should have said this is for pure Asterisk in a straightforward telephony arrangement. FreePBX needs some sort of integration with a web server, but this is not the right forum to ask about FreePBX co-existing with existing web servers; you want for that.

I seem to remember that Asterisk has a built in, simple, web server, but that shouldn’t be enabled by default.

Generally, though, Asterisk should not share with anything CPU intensive, or you will get excessive jitter, and things like voice announcements that break up.