Server requirments for asterisk


i am about to install asterisk . I have some basic questions for you guys.

What is the minimum hardware requirement for the Asterisk…does asterisk need to be installed on a dedicated server or can it be installed on a server that is running other programs

The plan is to use POTS to VOIP through digium interface. There will never be more than 3 users making calls at the same time. I plan to use an old dell server ( pentium 3 or 4 with I gb ram)…with cisco Ip phones…

the only fancy feature that we would be using is automatic reminders for customers…

I do have IBM eserver with Xeon processor and 2gb ram that I am going to use as a backup of main server. Would it be better to install Asterisk on that server with other stuff running on it or should i just use old dell box



The old Dell server should be enough for just 3 concurrent calls, the other server should be able to run * and other server software too without problems, it has good cpu power and enough ram but all depends on how much the cpu is loaded.
I would install it on the old Dell server before and do some tests about call quality.


Marco Bruni