Advise for a raw newb?

I have a dedicated server with the following:
Xeon Quad Core 2.5 GHz
Fedora 8
250 GB SATA Hard Drive
1 GB Memory
5 IP Addresses
2 TB Transfer/mo

I have several websites/databases running.

Is installing Asterisk feasible on this box without interfering with what is already installed? If so, how would this be accomplished?

Adding hardware is not an option, so what configuration would you recommend?

Be gentle… thanx

Yes, but whether it would be useful depends on what you want to do with Asterisk.

Currently we are losing a fair amount of business due to the volumn of calls that go unanswered. We’d like a menu… Press 1 for schedule information, press 2 for booking. Like that. In the case of the first one it would be a message read from the database, the second would forward the call to the booking agent. There woud be more but these 2 sum up the usecases.

Still doable?

yes its doable, but I would not recommend it. You would be much better off getting an $800 desktop to run Asterisk and putting that in your office.

Asterisk (and any voice system) is a real-time application. If the resources it needs arent available the millisecond it needs them voice quality suffers greatly. Someone surfing the web would never notice if there page request hit a queue for 300-400ms but in a voice app you would most definately get a dead spot in the conversation in that short of a time. Humans dont mind waiting for a web page for a second or two but we detest bad voice quality on a phone call.