Call Forward Question

Need a little help on whether this can be done, can’t find any examples for something similar on the web.

My setup (ideally):
Calls will come into a menu (1 for billing, etc.). So lets say I want 1 to forward out to my cell, here’s where I get snagged. I would like to keep my cell voicemail greeting my personal message. Is there a way to send the call to my cell, maybe play onhold music for some length of time, and if I don’t answer my cell, have it go to an Asterisk voicemail box?

Anyone had any luck setting up something similar?

Yes its exist, search examples of “call screening” is a default/common configuration for asterisk servers.

I don’t understand the references to the cell phone greeting. You say you want to give it but you also say you want MoH, or the Asterisk voicemail!

You can set a time limit on Dial, after which the dialplan continues. This is what you normally do with local phones and voicemail.

Even though you have gone through the automated attendant, Dial should simulate ring back tone until the call is answered, or can be forced to generate MoH.

Navaismo, thanks I found a lot more info on what I am after by searching for that.

David, sorry on the clarity, see if I can clear it up a little. I have a personal cellphone I use for everyday stuff, talk to family, friends, etc. On that phone I have my personal greeting for my friends and family to hear. When I’m out of the office I wanted my calls to be forwarded to my cell which I have it doing. The problem I’m trying to fix is that the call acts just like a normal call and if I don’t pick it up, the call goes to my Verizon mailbox after ten seconds or so. My goal was to have Asterisk recognize that I didn’t actually pick up the cell phone and have the call sent to the voicemail on my Asterisk box. I was thinking that the MoH would play instead of hearing my cell ring, and if my Verizon voicemail started, they would still only hear the MoH. Is there anyway to have Asterisk recognize that I didn’t answer? Even if my Verizon VM starts, and go to a Asterisk VM after about 15 seconds of MoH?

hi there,

what i think the solution is you can set dial timeout if your call go to you verizon VM after 15 seconds rings, you need to set on asterisk 10 or 12 sec dial timeout, and on the next exten you can set your asterisk VM


Great suggestion, the only problem with that is when I fly I turn my phone off and it goes to my verizon VM right away. So I would need a way to get around that.

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sorry for late reply. I don’t know weather there is any feature which detect either phone is powered on or off, but i think in this case when you travel you just need to change your forwarding to direct to your asterisk voicemail and when you power on your cell phone just get the forwarding changed by the guy who manage your asterisk.

Or you can make an extension, which would you dial and make it change your self by just calling an extension.(this need some work in with asterisk)


Sohaib Khan