Call screening/transfering from cellular phone? Any ideas

Hello All,

Here’s the basic goal we’re trying to accomplish:

  1. Inbound call arrives, if nobody answers, forward to mobile phone.

  2. Accept call by keying in DTMF digit.

  3. If call is denied (cell phone isn’t answered), continue through to Asterisk voicemail, answering service, etc.

  4. Preferably play MOH during entire process, until call is ultimately answered.

I know this can be accomplished by changing the voicemail / call forwarding number on the handset itself, setting up CallerID recognition – basically piping the call back through Asterisk.

Howerver, is there a more “elegant” method available? A quick search didn’t yield much information, has anyone tried this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated – I’ll post any results/conclusions online, thanks!


Take a look at post if you’re interested.

I’ll give it a shot later to today, hopefully it’ll work out.