HELP - Ring Group Not Working Correctly - Call Forward

I have a user who wants all calls to go to his cell phone after 3 rings. He only wants to check 1 voicemail. This way whenever someone calls into him, they get him at the desk or after 3 rings it goes to his cell phone, and if he is unreachable it goes to his nextel voicemail.

Right now his extension (200) is set to ALWAYS call forward to go to a ring group (201). The ring group is set on RING ALL and calls his extension (202) and his cell phone (set to ring for 60 seconds). Only the 202 extension is setup on his Linksys VOIP, so he cant screw anything up.

Now my problem is when an outside user calls into his extension 200, it rings at his desk and his cell phone, but after 15 second the user hears a fast busy tone.

I am stuck here. I know the general setting “Number of seconds to ring phones before sending callers to voicemail” is set to 17 seconds, for all the other users in our office.

Does anyone have any suggestions or help in doing this? I will do something else if need be, but I am stuck here. Please help.

Thank you in advance for your help

Sorry, I am using Asterisk@Home version 2.5

so what do you have set for “No Answer” for the ringgroup ?

No answer is set to go to another ringgroup, which just has the user’s cell phone. I changed it to a “fake” extension which is set to go to the users cell phone, but that does not work at all.

It is almost like a simple “follow me” type of setup, but I cant figure it out. I have been searching the web for 8 hours so far

with the 60 second ringtime for the group, logic would say that should be time enough for his cell vm service to answer. maybe it’s a bug in AMP ? what output does the log give for a call to this ringgroup ?