Broadcast Message

Last week I spent about 2 hours digging online to find an opensource way to call 20+ people on my list, play a 30 sec message, hang up, and then call the next person until the list was complete.

This would be good for calling everyone on the soccer team to tell them the game was canceld, call all the people going to the family reunion to tell them that its going to be raining etc.

I stumbled upon Asterisk tonight and I was wondering if it can do such a thing. I read all the features but I’m not even sure what this feature would be called. “Broadcasting”?

Asterisk could be setup to do what you describe, but there isn’t one command that will take care of this for you. You would need to do some additional work to build the type of system you are describing. Also for the system to be useful, you would need a connection to the PSTN.

If this seems like too much work or you are not technically savvy there are companies who provide this service. Here is one of them.

Good Luck


Have you checked Nerd Vittles it’s a message broadcasting system based on Asterisk@Home. It should do what you want.