NEED HELP- setup ASTERISK for Mass Announcements

Please Help - how to: :question:

  1. Read tel.#'s from a list/file/dbase.
  2. Dial each # - play 1Min. Voice Message, then hang up.
    Should be a script for this or to create one - but HOW? Thanks

Excuse me for “threadjacking” for just one moment, but this kind of thing really erks me. It makes me rather annoyed and I am seeing it more and more. This is a forum where we help people with something, not DO SOMETHING FOR YOU. If you’re serious about doing this at least try and do it and bring back something. AT THE VERY LEAST, you could say what kind of database you are using, and what kind of programming language you are using.

There are many ways to accomplish what you want here, but the simplest… (In my humble opinion) is a PHP script that will grab the number from a database, connect to the AGI via telnet, dump the info in and then handle playback with a simple dial plan context and hang up.

Start developing something, and if you get stuck, revisit the forum and post the errors, we can help you then. However, if you want someone to write you a script, you can just post this same thing in the “Jobs” forum and pay someone. I apologize if this all sounds quite harsh, but this forum isn’t some free version of


I agree with you Mark, in general I just don’t answer to this type of posts.
I would do this in a way a bit different: I would use the phpagi class inside the php script and use the methods provided to send commands to Asterisk, instead of a telnet connection.


Marco Bruni

It took me a few seconds to decide if I was going to reply at all…

The reason I chose php telnet is I find the phpagi setup to be a bit of a mess. This is just quick and dirty. (Emphasis on dirty) :smile:

I have developed a ready to go solution for what you want and it is offered as a service. The last version is managed and handled by chatting the 3 commands in use to an MSN account dedicated to this service. You can record the message, add number lists to the system and schedule the delivery. It is ready to go and it might be the solution you are looking for. If you want to discuss the use, further development and testing of this service please PM me.

Erik de Wild
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