Voice Message

I have a question that I have attempted to answer on my own, but haven’t been able to. My question is strange, I am not a telemarketer, I manage a website for a private school and I am looking for an open source application that will allow me to call a telephone number and when they answer play a recorded message, or if they don’t record the message on their voice mail.

This is useful when a school is cancelled because of a storm or snow.

If anyone knows where I can look, I would appreciate any assistance.


nerdvittles.com had an application called teleyapper (or somesuch) that seems like what you want.

What I have seen schools do is have a “snow number”. The parents are given the number and are told to call when ever they are in doubt. You can set up a simple dial plan on asterisk where the system picks up and plays a message to the parents about the current conditions (the reason I say this and not to use VM is that parents will start leaving messages and then if you dont listen to all of them they will be upset). If you want you can also look at creating a .call file to make the calls for you.


Asterisk is so powerfull, that, you can integrate your school’ website with it.
so just try for it.

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