AsteriskNOW and forwarding voice message to 5 people

Hello people.
Yes, I am newbie, … another one… and newbie on linux… coming from windows area (please, do not crucify me :slight_smile: )

for our guys from firedepartment i try to make a simple notification system and after research I found this Asterisk, for which it turned out to be a great system.
After researching, manuals reading, installing and testing AsteriskNOW, v.11… i came to the level, that i can leave voicemail for 5 users, also check and try with .call files…etc… you can call me stupid, but I can not figure it out, how to make this “dialplan” together in one working thing:

  1. user call specific internal number…example 100
  2. leave the voice message, for a group of 5 people (numbers - 501, 502, 503, 504, 505)
  3. the system must must immediately CALL this 5 numbers - so, phones of this 5 people must start ringing :wink:
  4. when this called person pick up/answer the phone the voice message must start playing
  5. that user, who leave a message, must get an info call back (some pre-recorded message), that his voice message has been delivered (optional, but very desirable)

Is possible that in AsteriskNOW, version 11 ? If is possible, I would be most happy person if you give me some instructions, solutions, points to check…
And yes, if this take to much time for help, we are prepared to pay for this help or solution (and please, be gentle, budget is khm khm. kgm…

Tnx for any help or orientation points.

“Desperate” Sebastian