Audio Broadcasting

Hi there,

I have a client and he wants to broadcast an audio message to his customers. We have asterisk system, and I know we can use /var/spool/asterisk/outbound but the question is he wants to make calls on around 80,000 numbers. He wants to dial 12 hours a day, i.e 8AM - 8PM. Also he wants reporting of the numbers, that what happened to call, either it got answered or not, and duration of call.
I don’t know how to make reporting and set time condition using outgoing directory.
I am little bit confuse doing this, I need help to complete this project. Please help me out …

Sohaib Khan

This is pretty simple, i have done similar projects like this without any issue.

You can do this :

Exported the list of numbers to a MYSQL DB

Using PHPAGI wrirte an Automatic Dialer Script

Created a cron job for the schedule of the dialing.

Use the Asterisk CDR for the reports

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Thanks dude, I was thinking of the AGI but i was not sure about it.

Sohaib Khan