Asterisk for multi-company inbound and outbound call center

Hi all, first post here so I hope I’m in the right place etc.

We currently have a need for an Asterisk based solution that runs purely over IP and using only software phones.

The system should be able to handle agents being assigned to multiple companies, rather than the traditional “lots of agents for one big company” setup.

What this boils down to are the following questions I have after some initial investigation of asterisk, asterisknow and much googling.

  1. Can Asterisk ring a group of extensions, then after 15 seconds include another group of extensions, then after 15 more include another set etc.

  2. What is the best way to have a soft phone set up that allows an operator to dial out as a certain company to any number.

I am assuming 1) is possible, I just couldn’t see it in the AsteriskNOW GUI interface.

Question 2) probably requires some kind of automated logging in/out from within the softphone or does Asterisk+Softphone allow for an agent to “register” with a Queue etc?

Many thanks in advance for any help or guidance!


Its all possible. I would suggest you look into VICIDIAL as its built to run call centers. Matt is one of the founders of the project and used to be very active here but hasn’t been around much lately. I have never used it (I dont run a call center) but he was super helpful on the forums and I can only guess the porduct support is excellent as well.

Thanks, I will go and look!

go for

they provide such solutions


Thanks amit, I am downloading the ISO now and will try it on a trial basis.

Take a look at CallQast ( which is a web-based call center solution built on Asterisk.

If you are interested we provide customization and integration services for CallQast.