Big Call Center - Hardware and Asterisk

I have to build big CallCenter system ( all country: 20 departments ).
It will be 200 ( or more ) agents ( VOIP ) - IP phones ( hardware ).
I want to build it using Asterisk ( or openpxb ), which is better or is there any other solution ?
Have anyone knows what server or servers I need ?
What is the better choice ( type of machine - more ram or CPU ) ?
Architecture with many asterisk’s is better and How it should look like ?
I have to suppose that at the same time it will be 200 calls.
7xTelco PRA, 1xGSM PRA, and integrated with MD110.
It is easy to connect Asterisk’s ? I have never tried.

I want to use 4 cards: Sagoma 4xE1.

These are all very good questions that require a fair amount of experience to address effectively. If you want to enhance your chances of a successful deployment and operation, I would recommend engaging an Asterisk consultant. Depending on where you are you may find one here: … ide+onsite

Will this be an inbound, outbound or blended call center?

Will you need integration with an in-house CRM system?

If you are only doing inbound, then Asterisk can probably meet your needs with just a stock install and maybe a log analyzer if you want customized reporting.

If you will be doing outbound, you will need multiple servers, and there are two GPL Asterisk-based packages that you could use: GnuDialer and VICIDIAL

This will be both inbound, outbound callcenter. My CallCenter will support
CRM system. I will not use any dialer ( IP phone ). CRM will give my CallCenter information about state of agent ( login, logout or break ).
I do not want to install something on 200 computers and teach people how to use dialer. The company buy CRM and I will give them CallCenter support.
The main task is ACD. My CallCenter now support 10 agents but only PSTN phones. I do not know how it works with voip and 200 agents.
Till Monday I have to say something about price of hardware.

You are going to need a custom solution. Follow the link MuppetMaster posted and contact a few consultants to get a quote on the work done that you need.

It would be best if you wrote up a detailed description of exactly all of the features and functionality you need before contacting them.