Backup Server

Is it possible to run a backup server at another location, and if the main location goes down (i.e.: power failure, internet disconnection), the backup takes over automatically and forwards all calls to a cell phone? We just don’t want to have people call the number and they just get a busy signal or some strange error code. The ideal solution is to get it running on a Linksys box or something with low power requirements.

When I had vonage, they were able to forward calls to another number, but I haven’t found another provider that does this.

How have others dealt with redundancy?


You can do failover using linux HA . Works realy well. Not tried it over multiple locations, as I use the redfone bridge which doesnt support routing.

But it should do waht rou want.


thanks I’ll try this out and let you know how it works.

check … 87,00.html

For a production envirement it sounds like the perfect solution.