Fail over / redundancy between two (2) asterisk servers

Hi, I’ve been searching the forum for some solution or insight on how to do this. Can anyone point me to the right posting if I had missed out some previous post on these? Been busy testing all the basic features of asterisk :smile:

My question is how to have two similar asterisk servers - i.e user/extension/database where users can registered/make calls on either one since both is running.

IAX provisioning anyone - primary /secondary? (iaxprov.conf?) Should be done natively by asterisk i.e no middle SER or anything else.

Thanks to the developer of asterisk for a wonderful products. And u ppl

I share the same questions as I’m just beginning the research on a redundant solution. My hope is to put two well sized asterisk implimentations on hosted machines in high availability data centers which are physically distant from each other, and are not part of the same company’s infrastructure.

The DID provider I’m talking with says they’ll easily handle the failover by simply having both my machines register on their servers and they’ll give preference to one or other other – it gets more complex when I consider the phones.

If I have the phones register with a primary and secondary, what happens if some failover and others do not (perhaps due to a network outage between some sites and not others)?

How are people handling voicemail issues, billing records, and phone call logs in this situation?

Anyone have experience to share?

has anyone managed to do this and would like to share some knowledge?