Asterisk Failover

Hello all

Can some one guide me to setup an IP failover system with two asterisk servers. How can i force the sip phones re register to the new server when a failover happens.

Any help will be appreciated.

In Spanish but you can use Google translate --> … l.html?m=1

We have quite big expirience in High Availability Systems and we can help. pls write me a PM on maciej(at) with details.

in general:
You have 2 major ways to provide HA for users:

  1. two servers ( primary and backup) with monitoring and failover mechanisms also with failover TDM media ( FXS, BRI PRI etc) on shared IP.
    1.a. using sth like linux heartbeat and shared resources (voicemail, cdr, callforward, etc. sync.
    1.b. using DRBD - (quite complex to configure but works charming) - now working over WAN
  2. two servers working simultaneously even in two separate localizations (like server-rooms or Datacenters and so). second one is working as backup registration server - just for endpoints. The most important thing in that case is provisioning of your endpoints