Autotask and Digium Switchvox integration

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Apologies for posting in what seems like more of an Asterisk forum than a Digium one, however it looks like the old Digium forums are no longer accepting questions and all roads now lead here.

There have been multiple threads over the years relating to my question, none have ever been answered satisfactorily. This is the most recent I could find Switchboard and Autotask Custom Panel Integration

Does anyone reading this have any experience integrating Digium with Autotask? The below is where I am currently at with this and although this is maybe just one way to get round this, someone here may have other suggestions. You may know how to code what is required into my feeble effort? I have raised many cases with Digium/Asterisk and Autotask over the years and have not go anywhere. I’m really starting to think it’s time to move to a phone system which will integrate into our CRM system.

We use a Digium (The Asterisk Company) Switchvox on premise phone system here and our engineers can log into an associated webpage which gives them information on incoming calls etc. Quite a while ago I setup what is called a widget on the system, this loads a URL to our CRM system (Autotask) and inputs the incoming number, so the engineers can see who is calling and it creates a new client ticket. This all use to work well. See example below:

The problem is the associated webpage (Switchvox Switchboard) which loads the above URL does so using an iFrame and Autotask no longer support content being loaded in iFrames, due to security concerns. Autotask support have suggested that we divert the request to another URL to popup in a separate window then this loads the original URL.

Hopefully you are still with me at this point….

So what I think we are looking for is something along these lines:

Engineer logs in and loads Digium Switchboard

Incoming call -->

Widget in Switchboard loads a URL which in turn tells the browser to load above URL outside current window and pop up in separate browser window, which hopefully will load correctly.

Does this all make sense? We just want the URL to load in a new window outside the iFrame really? We can use our hosting/website to create a redirect URL if needed.

I hope someone can help.

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Well, I’m not sure if this will work, since I don’t have Autotask, but have you tried using a URL like this?

If you add target=_ to your a href, it should open in a new tab/window… so for example:
a href=“” target="_blank">Visit

should ultimately work like this (note in the code above, I left off the opening < and closing /> otherwise it gets automatically converted to a link here.


Hi Hiltonmw,

Thank you for your help, I’ve looked into something similar… will this open the url automatically or load a page displaying a link? At this point I’m not sure if what I’m trying is not working due to how its coded or if Digium Switchboard won’t allow page to load outside iFrame. I’ll try what you’ve suggested.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Just tried this and it loads a page with a link which if clicked then loads outside the iFrame, however it doesn’t pass the number through? Any ideas?

Thanks again

you’ll likely need to pass the variables in the url string and then pick them up on page load… what’s the page written in? ASP.NET, PHP?

The page is in HTML. Any ideas what’s required to pass the variables?

Also, how can I get it to load the page automatically without having to click on the link? Thank you :slight_smile: