Switchboard and Autotask Custom Panel Integration

I would like to integrate an Autotask.net custom panel with our companies Switchboard. I am unable to successfully connect Autotask’s customer accounts phone number with the URL variable (CALLER_ID_NUMBER). The closest article I can find on this is dated back in 2011 and it’s not working for me…


I have the Autotask custom panel showing up on my switchboard and can log in but once I do, I am unable to use any navigation. I made a test account inside of Autotask with my cell number and when I try calling, it attempts to load my account but then it fails.

I’ve tried several URL variations but have had no luck. Could anyone please assist me beyond the 2011 forum post I reverenced earlier?

Thank you!


Try the Digium Answers portals linked from:

That’ll get read by more of the Digium folk.

Okay I have published the same topic over there as well. If anyone who knowledge of this, it will be fine to reply to this post as well. I will be checking both for any new advice or solutions. The URL for the other post is here…


Thank you