Weird Issue with Switchvox

I’m running a Digium Switchvox 355 physical PBX running Switchvox version 6.3.3 (82427). It has bee rock-solid for the most part, until recently. Here’s some of the issues we’re experiencing:

• When agents are dialing out, they're still receiving inbound calls
• The Digium Switchvox dashboard numbers for received calls / missed calls is not accurate
• Agents were still getting calls from the queue, even though they were marked not available or away
•Voicemails were being delivered to user's individual mailboxes instead of the main queue shared email box

We were able to fix the last two issues by literally going into the extension queue settings, changing the wait time by 1 second and saving the config. It did manifest again, but the resolution has been to change queue time settings, save and problem resolved.

The other issues (inbound calls while dialing out and incorrect dashboard numbers) are persistent and I’m not sure what could be causing the issue.

The hardware is reporting the drives are not full, and there are two drives (probably in raid 1).

Have you guys encountered these types of issues before?
Is there a way I can check the hard drive status to see if they’re bad while the server is running?


Switchvox is supported commercially, not here.

I know Siwtchvox runs on Asterisk, and figured someone has to have encountered the same issue or at least something similar.

All of these sound like Switchvox issues, not Asterisk. They are not ‘native’ Asterisk features. Asterisk is just a box of Legos. It’s up to you (or Switchvox) to make them into something useful.

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