Disposition Calls in Switchvox

I hope I’m in the right place. Had trouble posting in the Digium forum…

We operate a small call center using Switchvox Cloud, where we are offering customer service for different companies simultaneously. We would like to have the ability to disposition calls (call ends, agent is presented with a list to label what the call was about, manager is able to report on labels). Does anyone have any solution for this? Digium support suggested there may be some kind of custom widget that could be used in the agent’s Switchboard. Anyone have some insight on the best way to accomplish this in Switchvox? Thank you.

Switchvox itself doesn’t keep track of end-of-call dispositioning, and it doesn’t allow the injection of arbitrary call data, so you’ll have to store the disposition externally.

I think (IANAL, etc., etc) you’d probably end up using the Switchvox Event Triggers in combination with a custom Switchboard widget to interface with a web app you write to receive call information from SWVX and to present the disposition choices to your agent (inside of Switchboard).

This sounds like it would work, but I would have no idea how to implement. I will do some digging around… Thanks for the help!