Getting Asterisks, Digiums and Polycoms to answer pages

Hi, hopefully I am in the right place. I am trying to make all the phones on my system auto answer the same page. I have a pbx system running switchvox and the phones include asterisk a22’s, digium D40/60’s, and at least three different kinds of polycoms. I want them to all respond to the same alert-info header and auto answer for paging. The Asterisk a22s accept “info=alert-autoanswer”
The Polycoms and Digiums will take either “Intercom” or “SVAutoPickup”

I am doing this from the switchvox gui and if I pass more than one parameter e.g “info=alert-autoanswer or SVAutoPickup” the Digium only seems to accept one parameter and will just ring, but the polycom and asterisk will auto pickup. If I pass just Intercom or SVAutoPickup the digium and polycom auto pickup, but the asterisk will just ring. I can’t seem to get all three to auto answer. Any thoughts or idea would be great. Sorry if I am not being clear I am new to voip/sip and IT in general.

You might try dialing two Local channels that cascade into two separate contexts – one for each type of phone – which specify the appropriate headers.

Not sure if I can cascade into paging extensions but it’s worth a try for sure. I will try tomorrow and update if it works thanks for the idea.

I’m afraid Switchvox is off topic for this support forum, Have you tried reaching out to Digium for support?

I did this witht this kind of idea

make a virtual ext call itin ring group which calls a flow with a different sip header and ext try implementing in your environment

Digium told me Asterisk phone are not supported.

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