Automatic Startup of apps

I wrote two apps for our Digium line of phones (d70’s and d40’s).

THe apps work great, one is just a crm caller id app that gives notes, and the other is just an app that shows on the idle screen the top 10 news stories going on and iterates through each one.

Problem is the apps don’t automatically load when the phone restarts, any way to enable this?

I can always do a cron job and use the cgi to start the app each day, but I don’t like that approach.

Suggestions, or is that my only option?

Also, if anyone wants the top news app, let me know I’m happy to share it. I found the asterisk exchange for the digium phones was preventing simply posting it.


Hi, yes, this is possible if you are provisioning your app to the phones from a server.

You can set an autostart (if configuring via DPMA) or auto_start (if configuring via XML) to specify that on reboot the phone should automatically start those applications.

More information on these options is available on the Custom Phone Applications with Asterisk page.

there is no problem posting them on Asterisk Exchange.
My apps can be downloaded there as well.
You have to register and your app has to be approved but that is a formality.