Simple App - Need Help

Hi All,

I think what I need is a very simplistic application, but I’m having trouble getting it to work.

I’ve got Digium phones connected to Switchvox, so, my options might be a little more limited than if I was using Asterisk directly.

So, I need the application to run all the time and when a call comes in, if I’m on another call, I want the application to play my ringtone. I was looking through the documentation and perhaps I can’t “play a sound or ringtone” but I thought perhaps I could use the command to at least make it SEEM as if I’m playing a sound. By sending different DTMF tones and of varying lengths, if this is played back over my active call, then I may be in business.

The over-reaching reason for this is that the call-waiting tone, while it’s enabled, I cannot change the pitch or duration or volume, so we’ve got some users who are missing calls because it appears to only play the tone once every three seconds or so and they “don’t hear it”. Essentially, I’m just trying to get a more-audible/noticeable call waiting tone.

Another option I could use here, would be, an application that runs in the background. If I’m on a call to a particular extension (I’d like to set the range of extensions to monitor via a configuration setting), automatically place that call on hold when a new call comes in.

Or perhaps more easily definable, if I’m on LINE 2 and a call comes into LINE 1, then hold (or end, choosable via softkeys) my LINE 2 to allow LINE 1 to ring normally.

Any thoughts?