Starting with Digium phones

Hi guys, I want to start messing around with Digium phones, what would be a model for starting, I also want to know if is there any API can be used with PHP or Python, and what are the benefints of used Digium phone with Asterisk over a regular sip phones , any thought or advised would be welcome guys @malcolmd @jcolp @johnkiniston

I think the benefit to using Digium phones is from the provisioning and enhanced applications on the phones that tie back to res_digium phones such as Parking and enhanced Queues & Voicemail.

I played with them back when they were announced a few years back but they didn’t add value to my business model.

Phones aren’t my thing so I can’t speak on those aspects, but it also helps to pay the bills of the developers! Sadly banks don’t accept lines of code as payment.

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Oh lol :rofl: thanks

Cool thanks I will give a look to the documentation and see If I can deploy cool things

There’s a heap of documentation for D-Phones here:

And for A-Phone here:

D-Phones do many interesting things that A-Phones don’t. The wiki docs will give you ideas. A-Phones do a few things that D-Phones don’t.

D-Phones run native JS apps that you can load onto the phones, written to this API:

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Thanks that was the information I was looking for @malcolmd

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