Asterisk -r problem


I got a problem. My asterisk is configured but it cannot register softphones. When I type asterisk -r I get this error mess:

“unable to connect to remote asterisk (does /var/run/asterisk.ct1 exist?)”

whats the problem and what do I need to do.

Will be really thankful to someone who responds


Uhm if i get that problem i usually type at the console “asterisk start” that should get Asterisk going so you can actually log in and register phones too it.

You may want to run a script to make sure asterisk starts up on boot up, on reloads and also on crashes other wise you will have to resort to doing it manually.



-r: Instead of running a new Asterisk process, attempt to connect to a running Asterisk process and provide a console interface for controlling it.

and the above message indicate that there is no asterisk process already running.
as well the phone are not getting register because there actually no asterisk server running to process the registration requests.

what i do is, i start my asterisk with “safe_asterisk”, which in other words is “asterisk -gc”

-g: Remove resource limit on core size, thus forcing Asterisk to dump core in the unlikely event of a segmentation fault or abort signal.
-c: Provide a control console on the calling terminal. Specifying this option implies -f and will cause asterisk to no longer fork or detach from the controlling terminal.

and then run “asterisk -vvvvvrc” to connect to that already running asterisk server and gives console control to my session.

try that, and you will have your problem solved.

you can also try service asterisk start