Unable to connect to remote asterisk


Often, when Asterisk is up and running ( and fully functional) and I want to connect from remote, using ssh, I have this response “Unable to connect to remote asterisk”.
This is very annoying, we have about 60 clients connected from callcenter, so I can not restart Asterisk but have to wait, because if I restart Asterisk, then I can connect with no problem.

Any suggestions?

try connecting via the ip address instead of the dns name, if that doesn’t work try to ping the machine.

Maybe I didn’t explain well.

I log in with putty, using ssh, now I’m in console mode at the Computer with Asterisk and can work normally, do anything, except connect to the Asterisk with the standard “asterisk -r”.

This is VERY annoying, am I the only person with this problem?

first off if using putty or ssh i always use the screen command. did you try it with a “-R”?

I also use screen, and yes I tried -R.

The Asterisk version is

“Asterisk CVS-v1-0-02/18/05-08:03:48”

sorry, can’t hlep ya out. the only time i experienced this issue was when the service wasn’t started, i am assuming that this isn’t the case for you.