Asterisk IVR Capability

Hi, I’m evaluating Asterisk in order to do this:

Step 1. A client calls to my office.
Step 2. An IVR give him the menu.
Step 3. The client is asked to introduce his client ID number.
Step 4. The IVR has to trigger a message to a software written en JAVA that validate de ID number (Connect to a DB, etc).
Step 5. The software returns to the IVR a code (OK/ERROR).
Step 6. The IVR response to the client.

Is Asterisk capable to do this? I cannot find an example on the documentation.

Thanks a lot!

Mario Romero
Patrol y Asoc. SA.

sure, it can do that. but JAVA ? there’s no need for that. you could do this straight from the dialplan using MySQL lookups, or write an AGI in perl or php.

as mentioned, this is very straight forward. If the application is already written, you could easily interface to it through a thin layer or potentially directly. If it is not written, you can write it in your choice of languages. If you are looking to pay someone to implement it, there are plenty who can do that. (Feel free to PM me - or look through the meriad of other consultants out there).




Ok! Thanks a lot for your answers!!

Mario Romero
Patrol & Asoc. SA

Does anyone have a link to a tutorial or more information on this?