Visual basic and asterisk

I have been toying with a few ideas and would like to use asterisk an IVR but would like to populate a database. I know a little Visual basic so wonder if there is a simple way of capturing data from an IVR call out to a database?

What options do I have to program the IVR and execute some code?


sounds like a recipe for disaster :astonished:)

you’ll probably find it easier to learn a bit of Perl or PHP and use AGI to do what you want. although you have db integration direct from the dialplan available as well using MYSQL().

Does anyone have a good example to show?

The sort of thing I am looking for is to capture CLI take some details via IVR hang up and send the user a text message.

I have put this sort of app together with swyx in a couple of hours. Thre are a few example available that I was able to modify. The only problem is my 30 day trial ran out.


there are a few in here …