Database linked into IVR

Hello all,

I am trying to get a customer database full of account numbers to link with my test AsteriskNOW server. The aim is for the IVR menu to allow customers to enter their account number and also a secondary number. The inputs from the customer is checked against a database running on a test Windows Server 2003 server, and if the details are correct the customer is read back some information also stored on the database. I was wondering if anyone had any experience in setting anything like this up or had a clue on how this is possible. I am currently working my way through The Definitive Guide ebook at the moment and noticed a chapter on AGIs. Would I need to program this using an AGI at all?

Any help or discussion on this would be extremely beneficial and appreciated.

Many thanks!

I archived this task using the PHPAGI class, and the data base sever was MYSQL. But it can be done on MMSQL server too. My suggestion is that read this book too … mming/book

You may also consider using a simple web script linked to the dialplan with CURL. This makes it easy to test the functionality and is trivial for web developers. An example dialplan that asks for a telephone number and sends it over via CURL to an extarnal app, checking the status code, can be found at … x-callback