Asterisk@home and VICIDIAL Dialer

Has anyone got VICIDIAL Dialer working with Asterisk@home? Is it possible to have VICIDIAL Dialer and A@H to work together?

I know of at least 3 people who are using A@H with VICIDIAL right now. It’s actually easier to install VICIDIAL on a raw Asterisk installation, but it is also possible with A@H.

Thanks mflorell.

Although it may be possible for VICIDIAL to work with A@H but you think its not worth the hassle. That’s what I have read in one of your other messages.

Those 3 people who are using VICIDIAL with A@H, Do they have any problems or is it working smoothly for them?


Not only is it tougher to configure VICIDIAL to work on an A@H system, but it will run slower and less efficiently as well.

There are many issues like callerid assigning, VOIP trunk assigning, dialplan macros and many other issues you will need to deal with that make it more difficult to use A@H with VICIDIAL.

One of the A@H users I talked to accidentally wiped his custom conf file addons when he inadvertantly changed an entry on another screen of A@H meaning he had to reconstruct it all over again to work with VICIDIAL.

So to sum up it would be much more efficient and overall easier to install Asterisk and VICIDIAL from source and leave A@H and AMP put of the equation, especially if you will be using it in production.

Would be great to see Vicidial as a part of the A@H distro!

Good idea, but my database and web admin have some overlap with AMP that need to be addressed before that could be possible. I have some free time in a couple months, maybe I’ll play around with the AMP code a bit and see how hard it would be to fold the VICIDIAL stuff into it.

There are some other issues I would need to deal with as well, but as soon as I fix those I would very much like to focus on A@H inclusion in the future. It would certainly mean a lot more users of VICIDIAL if it was integrated.

Anybody know how the Coalescent Systems and A@H guys would feel about integrating VICIDIAL into their projects?

I just need to convince the A@H guys to dump CentOS in favor of Slackware :smile: