Predictive Dialing in Asterisk

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VICIdial is an open-source call center suite based on the Asterisk. It’s opensource and free but when I wanted to start I couldn’t find a step by step training on how to run it. Now after 3 years of working with that I decided to record some videos on how to install and configure VICIdial. I hope that helps someone.

VICIBox Installation:

VICIDial Configuration - part1 - Adding a phone:

VICIDial Configuration - part2 - Add a new Carrier Trunk

VICIdial Configuration - part3 - Create a campaign, Add users, Start calling out

VICIdial Configuration Part4 - How to Load Leads in VICIdial:

VICIDial Configuration - part5 - How to access reports in VICIdial?

VICIDial Configuration - part6 - How to enable and access call recordings?

VICIDial Configuration - part7 - How to add or edit call statuses in VICIdial?

VICIDial Configuration - part8 - What is a Predictive Dialer?

VICIDial Configuration - part9 - how to set up a Predictive Dialer Campaign in VICIdial?

What is Call Spy and Call Barge Feature? [ Monitor and Barge in VICIdial]

You should be posting these at their forum.

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Sure. But asterisk-users may be interested to know what can be done with asterisk in other tools as well.

SNGREP can be very useful in your asterisk troubleshooting. Just in case you don’t know what is it or you are not using it yet take a look at my video. I hope it can be useful.

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