Cool thing! Asterisk and another apps in top

Hi guys;

one question;

let’s say that i have Asterisk installed.
And in the top of it i will install a predictive dialer (GNUdialer or VICIDAL) and also a calling card app as A2Billing.

My question is;

can i have in the same server, Asterisk installed, plus a dialer app, plus a callcard app, and have everithin running (working) at the same time?
I mean, can i have PBX plus Predictive dialers plus callcard functionality?

Is not that i’m gonna have everithing installed, i just want to kow if it’s possible, because it will be cool for example to have Asterisk(PBX funtionality) and Predictive dialer (VICIDAL) all in one box.


Yes you may, although it is not recommended as Asterisk voice processing should be on its own dedicated server.

Hi MuppetMaster;
thanks for the quick reply!

What do you mean by
"Asterisk voice processing should be on its own dedicated server."?

What about installing VICIDAL (or other predictive dialer) on top of Asterisk@Home?
Some user say is not recomendable, but, for example, A2Billing is installed in top of A@H and works just fine.

What do you think?