Predictive Dialer and Asterisk@Home

Hi guys;

Did somebody install a predictive dialer (VICIDAL or whatever, or GNUDialer) in top of Asterik@Home, or it’s necessary to install it over a plain Asterisk installation?


You won’t really want to have a predictive dialer on top of Asterisk@home. The problem is that A@H is not optimized for your specific hardware and is limited in features and capabilities. It would be much better if you installed Asterisk from source for both GnuDialer and VICIDIAL

No, one question.

If i install Asterisk from source, i suppose that i have to install linux (of course) and then Asterisk, but, when installing linux, wich kind of packages should i select. (mysql, etc)

I will like to have a GUI too. How complicated it gets to install Astrisk from source compared to A@H, and have all the components that you get when installing A@H?


VICIDIAL has scratch installation instructions that cover starting from bare hardware: … stall.html

Hi guys;

one question;

let’s say that i have Asterisk installed.
And in the top of it i will install a predictive dialer (GNUdialer or VICIDAL) and also a calling card app as A2Billing.

My question is;

can i have in the same server, Asterisk installed, plus a dialer app, plus a callcard app, and have everithin running (working) at the same time?
I mean, can i have PBX plus Predictive dialers plus callcard functionality?

Is not that i’m gonna have everithing installed, i just want to kow if it’s possible, because it will be cool for example to have Asterisk(PBX funtionality) and Predictive dialer (VICIDAL) all in one box.


Functionally you should be able to get it all installed and working, but what kind of volume of calls and number of dialer agents are you expecting to have on this server?

How many outbound lines and what kind are you going to use?

If VOIP trunks, what codec will you use?

Lets say that i install asterisk, and i will use the pbx functionality for, lets say 10 users.
Then VICIDAL no more than 12 agents using a SIP or IAX trunk. I can use for example G711 as codec.

Do you thin it’s posible in ASterisk@Home?
I’m just a new Linux user (14 yesrs experience as win programmer) i dont want to get complicated at this time with Asterisk installations, it seems to be more complicted. :smiley:


A Pentium 4 with 1 GB RAM could probably handle the load just fine. Your problem will be navigating the dialplan maze that A@H creates and getting it to work with the dialer(and other add-ons) you choose to use.

Actually i’m not creating my dalplan thru AMP.
I go directly to the CONF files and edit them manualy.
It technically means that i could delete most of the Extrentions.conf and start from scratch if i wish right?

You certainly could. you won’t be able to use some features like answering machine detection(because that must be compiled in) but it should work if you setup the conf files correctly. Let me know how it works out for you.