Asterisk and vicidial configuration

Hi all,

I’m trying to setup ASTERISK with VICIDIAL but the only hardware I have is 4 PC computers. I have ASTERISK and VICIDIAL installed on one computer and on the 3 other computers I have X-LITE softphone intalled.
I want to use one of the softphones as an agent that calls the two other softphones. (This is just for testing of course - in the future I will want to use more agents and more leads).

Does anyone have ASTERISK and VICIDIAL configuration for such a setup?

I’m sending this question only after I already asked VICIDIAL forum what is the problem with my configuration files and the answer was - "You probably have a problem with extensions.conf file"
Ztdummy is installed and VICIDIAL SCRATCH installation was done correctly.

Thanks in advance,