Center using Vicidial


I recently bid a job using Asterisk and Vicidial for a small (<100) seat call center. The owner would like to see vicidial in a call center (Arizona) or talk to someone who is using this solution.

If there is anyone out there who is using vicidial, and is willing to answer a couple of his questions/show him their center, please send me a PM.

Thanks in advance!

So I assume from the lack of response, none of you run a center in Arizona then… Would anyone know where I could find one? I would really like to take this client and see vicidial running strong.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

This forum member has mentioned elsewhere that they are involved with Vicidial:

You might drop them a PM. And looking here it appears he is the main contact anyway:

I would recommend having a discussion with him, as he might know how to track down a site. Good luck!

Thanks MuppetMaster, we talked to Matt Florell about it, but he isnt aware of any in this area either. Figured this probably wasnt the best place to find one, but I had to give it a shot.

it is me, and I do not know of any installations in Arizona but I have emailed with lkeller and he may be able to get out here to Florida to see a few of our call centers in action.

If anyone else is interested in seeing one of our VICIDIAL call center installations just drop me a message, we are located in the Tampa area of Florida.

Hi Matt,

Do you know of any installations in the UK or Ireland?



I did hear from someone in England that is using VICIDIAL, but that was over a year ago. I’ll have to see if I can contact them again.

We do a lot of call from here in the USA to the UK, but that’s a bit of a long flight for someone coming from the UK just to see a call center.

No worries. I have just spent the afternoon with one of my dialler managers and have agreed that we should get a system put together to manage about ten agents on a non-critical campiagn (After building and testing first).

I’ll make notes as I go along and hopefully post up some helpful comments in the weeks to come (probably a few daft questions as well)

Just a note to say this is still on-going. I’ve had a couple of issues which included intergration with Alcatel 4400 PBX (The issue being I didn’t know how to do it :smile: )

This issue has since been resolved by forum contributors and I can get back on track.

More as and when.