Asterisk@home 1.5 - Queues not distributing calls fairly

I’m running Asterisk@home and I have noticed (at least recently) that the distribution of calls to my queues doesn’t seem be working properly.

If i have two sets logged in, the call may ring on phone #1 four times, then upon no answer, will go to the next logged in phone (normal behavior), however, at this point the second phone will only ring once, then the call will go back to the first phone. Sometimes the second phone will ring once, then there will be a pause (logs show call being sent back to the queue) then the call will come back to the same phone, but ring 4 times)

Its just strange behavior…and it makes me think that there is a possible race condition going on in timing(?) I really think that its a config with the polycoms because i’ve reinstalled the entire system from scratch on a lab system and the same condition exists.

Asterisk@home 1.5 on a dual 1.5ghz and Polycom 501 phones.