Queue stops distributing calls to members

Colleagues, tell me, please, how can I solve my problem.

I have a queue. She receives calls. Members are registered in it - most dynamically, one - statically.
The queue algorithm is ringall. So the bosses decided, there’s nothing I can do about it.
Here are the queue options:

;member => Local/207@localext
member => Local/222@localext
;member => Local/273@localext
;member => Local/260@localext

Now, my problem - is some time ago, the queue started, after about a day of work, to stop giving out calls to their members.

Calls are received in the queue, the phones of the members of the queue are silent and do not ring. Sometimes calls are still transmitted to members, but not stable and not in full. After a reboot, the queue starts working normally, but then everything happens again.

What’s wrong with me? Where to look for the cause of the problem?
Are there any debugging mechanisms?

Thanks in advance for advice,

Queue will hand off to a bridge for the actual call, so subject to clarification of the failure symptoms, I don’t think this symptom is related to the use of Queue. It might be related to local channels, although they have relatively simple processing paths.

However, as an unusual symptom, my feeling is that this is the right place to try and analyze the problem. I’d therefore ask you to provide as detailed logging as possible (full log enabled, with at least verbosity 5).

You also need to provide: asterisk version, nature of the computing platform (e.g real or virtual (including cloud), channel technology (e.g. DAHDI analogue, DAHDI digital, chan_sip, or chan_pjsip).

As there are hints of some sort of overload statistics on resource usage would be useful.

If this is SIP, (including PJSIP), and you are able to capture data for a partially successful call, a wireahark analysis of the RTP.

Dear David!

Thank you for your reply and recommendations! Please forgive me for the delay in answering - some days I was sick.

I solved my problem, just can’t say how optimal. I set the setting


after which the calls began immediately to be distributed to the phones - members of the queue.

I believe that due to the “ringall” scheme used, no calls were received to the devices in the “ringing” status, and with a large number of calls, this status arose on the phones very often.

I believe that the “ringall” scheme should be abandoned, but this requires some organizational work.


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