Call Distribution Problem - HELP!

On our Asterisk server we have incidents where agents are waiting between 5 and 60 seconds before they will get a call. There are 60+ calls in queue at the time of the incident but for some reason calls are not flowing to the agents properly.

We have pinpointed the issue to one particular type of phone. The call center is using both Aastra SIp phones and Nortel digital phone (connected via Citel Gateway). The Aastra phones, which we are currently moving towards are fine. The problem is with the Nortel phones we will be replacing completely. Need to find a solution before we upgrade all the phones as that won’t be complete for another two weeks.

Ring strategy is set as ‘Least Recent’.

ring strategy is probably why

leastrecent says that the agent with the FEWEST completed calls gets the next call. that means that if you have 5 agents with 10 calls each, and 1 agent with 2 calls, the one agent will get 8 calls before the other agents get ANY.

try rrmemory or ringall - rrmemory is round-robin, and ringall hits ALL available agents at once - whoever picks up first gets the call.

nothing wrong with the phones, your strategy is off.

Thanks. I thought this might be part of the problem. I just changed the strategy and we will see the outcome. I will post results here. I have gone to round robin (with memory)


just to double check, they dont have a wrapuptime set, correct?