Call Queue

I have an Asterisk server running with TE120P card (with ISDN PRI lines). I have configured a call queue with 5 extensions and few DID numbers to route to this call queue. The problem I am facing now is if 2 concurrent incoming calls (to two different DID numbers which routed to the same call queue), only one extension phone been ring to (with the other incoming call put into queue) although all the 5 extension phones are ready to accept calls. Uses the call queue as I need to have a random distribution of calls.

I would like to achieve a random distribution of calls to extension phones but yet to allow concurrent calls to be answered as long as there is extension phone free. Ring group does supports the concurrent calls to be answered but it cannot perform a random distribution of calls, the 1st extension always gets the call first.

Appreciate if someone can enlight what are the options avalaible in achieving the above.



would you please provide your configuration files Queue.conf,Agents.conf,Extensions.conf

In the general section of the file queues.conf try put


then reload the configuration.


Marco Bruni

Hi Mustafa,

I maintained my extensions, call queues and ring groups using freepbx. You still want to have a look as it is quite long.

The hints provided by Marco works perfectly.

Thanks, Marco

We have problems of calls been disconnected for this call queue, meaning an incoming DID call was ring to the queue extension (one ring), then dropped. We also noticed from the CDR log that the calls also ring to queue extensions that were inactive (temporarily set to DND or not been hooked up with any phone) and immediately dropped after that.

Our call queue was setup with 6 extensions but at any one time, only 2 or 3 extensions were active. Maximum wait time was set to 30 seconds while agent timeout was set to 15 seconds.

Hope someone can shed some light here