Asterisk gives silence in response to callers

Got a recorded audio file in the propper format… used SOX to translate the audio files.

Problem is… after I get Free PBX to do the initial configuration in the IVR… I hear nothing.

The IVR menu is still functional…and everything that folllows… but its just silence.

Additionally… I was wondering if theres a way to get Asterisk to record all of that IVR prompting and voicemail just using our phones.

And I was also under the impression that it would be smart enough to figure out where you needed to go.

Say if your IVR was Main Menu… it would attempt to pronounce that or something.

Is there a module for that too?


I have seen this in the FreePBX installations myself. I was able to get past it by doing a manual reload from the command line and cli. Make sure to restart the zaptel module while you are doing this as well. That is probably where the application is breaking.

Manual Reload? as in restarting the application?

Also… We are experince a periodic “all circuits are busy now” issue… when they shouldn’t be.

Might be related : O P

i can’t say i know FreePBX at all, but with AMP the IVR pages enabled you to dial an extension (*77 to record, *99 to listen) as part of the creation process.

to diagnose the “all circuits busy” message you’ll need to post log file fragments for the failed call.

it would be fairly easy to pipe the menu name through Festival/Cepstral as part of the process, but you’ll need to suggest it to the FreePBX devs if you can’t add it in yourself.

When I mean do a manual restart, I am referring to pulling up a command shell. Make sure that you have sufficient priveleges. Then type the following: service zaptel restart , service asterisk restart . This should get the audio to kick back on. The web “restart” never seemed to get it for me when I was running FreePBX on top of it. Hope this helps.

OK… sorry bout the late response.

The problems seemed to have resolved themselves…sort of.

1: Last Friday the Asterisk server was doing its usual bit until MySQL 5 failed to start… just flat died… don’t know where it went or why it went down… logs didn’t reveal anything. Did a removal of the server module and reinstalled it… and it “magically” started running again as if nothing happened.

2: Phone call issues where due to mis typed dialing rules… go figure… I don’t hardly know anything about phones themselves… my forte is linux : O P

3: The Digital Receptionist is now working properly… don’t know why… or what happened.

4: All lines are busy may be due to a pesky Fax call as the Free PBX build on this box has (a) busted fax driver(s)…

really weird…hehe.

Thanks for your help.