Q: Using asterisk as a SILENT LISTENER?

hi all, I’m new so get to know me! : )
I’m in Davis CA and I’ve just played a bit with Trixbox, nothing more.

a friend of mine says his office pbx does everything they want EXCEPT it doesn’t provide good records of the calls.

can asterisk be configured to just listen on 4 Intel v92 modems (one for each of their 4 pots trunk lines) and record call info to make available through a web based interface?

I could be wrong but I don’t think so. Asterisk expects to handle the call, not just listen to it. And especially on analog lines, Asterisk will at best ignore a line picked up not by *.

I know there are some recorder devices that will do what he wants. Alternatively he could have his PBX dial * (which would just answer and record) and conference every call to * for recording…

As of now asterisk does not support checking to see if a POTS line is in use. I think you can pay a developer to create a patch that will see if the line is in use. If it is you can have asterisk pickup the line and bridge it with a local channel that records the calls.

Why not just make Asterisk answer the call, record and pass by to the other PBX ?

PSTN —> (FXO) Asterisk (Record) --> FXS (PBX)