Incoming call problem

I have Trixbox 2.6.1 and I have been having an odd problem. Most of my incoming calls work and some don’t. I can call in and get my IVR message with no problems then I can try again and it just rings and rings or it does nothing.
I don’t understand how most incoming calls work fine and then some don’t. Any Ideas?

It is a SIP trunk

Here are my trunk settings:


The calling party has no tone. There appears to be no audio transfer into the IVR; as the calling party does not receive the IVR message. However, if you look at FreePBX reports, you will note the Dst answered the call with a “s”. But FreePBX reports show the calling being answered with the Dst being “s”

have you tried to have a look at your logs? or better still log on to the box from a remote computer using putty and run the command

asterisk -r

Then try call the box to observe the behaviour, might help troubleshoot your problem.

I used Asterisk -r and compared what happens when it works and what happens when it just sits there with no IVR.

It does the exact same thing so when it didn’t play the IVR or anything I just tried entering an extension and it worked.

Why would it sometimes not play the IVR?

What format is your ivr recording in? maybe your system is having a problem playing back the IVR.

if you are not using the .gsm format I suggest you try converting your ivr recording to .gsm using the sox tool.

My IVR is .wav

Any ideas why it would just start doing this?