Everything is working but i have a weird issue

Hi i’m kinda newbe with asterisk, but i’ve been investigating how to configure and use it and until now i’ve been able to solve all the problems that i’ve had, but there’s one that is not going away…

I have an asterisk now - freepbx configuration working relatively well, but there’s one thing that is driving me nuts… the calls go in and out without any problems, but in the middle of the conversation sometimes there’s a silence for both partys for some seconds and then everything comes back to normal, and it can happen several times in the same conversation (im talking about external calls, internal calls are working fine).

I’ve got a load balanced router with two connections with nat ports are opened and the sip activity is routed trough one of the wans to avoid problems, qos is activated for sip…

Weird, isn’t it?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Oh i forgot to mention, the machine is a vbox in a w2003 server intel xeon with a bridged lan conection.