Bizarre Call Center Configuration - Can Asterisk do it?

Hey everyone, I have a general info question for y’all.

I have a small business call center, and I need a phone solution for it. It can be VoIP (preferred) or Analog (definitely not preferred). The problem comes with the way our call center is set up. We do not have a standard call center PBX system.

Given that the standard Call Center setup is generally 1 or 2 DID inbound numbers routed to a queue for between 3 and 3000 agents, we have the opposite. We have 23 DID inbound numbers routed to a queue for 3 agents. Each of the 23 DIDs has 2 voice mail boxes, one for during business hours and one for outside of business hours. Also, each of those 23 DIDs is for a separate company that our center supports.

We have now had one traditional PBX system which failed to be able to keep up with growth/scalability through a major US phone company. We have also had 3 VoIP PBX systems which have had serious reliability issues (and serious problems with those companies’ technical support departments responding to outages).

My question is, can an Asterisk PBX system support this type of a call flow? I don’t need specifics on how to do it, I just need to know if it can be done, because it is becoming obvious to me that if I want this done right, I’m going to have to do it myself.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Asterisk can do this.


Marco Bruni

ya asterisk can do it even more then that
If u need any help just let me know, no problem man