Asterisk Business Edition with freePBX

hi, I’m not sure if i posted to the right forum. Please excuse me if should post somewhere else instead. so here’s the question, we’ve purchased the Asterisk Business Editon, then realized it doesn’t come with any GUI interface. We weren’t wondering if it’s possible to install freePBX along with Asterisk Business Edition using the provided asterisk and Zaptel binaries?

thank you.

before you rush into this,

  1. establish whether you really, really (really) need a GUI. unless you need to constantly edit config files, why add needless clutter to your box. IME, it just results in less flexibility and slower dialplans.

  2. speak to Digium (or your reseller) and find out what the chances are of you getting an upgrade to a 1.4 version with the Digium GUI.

Yes freePBX works with ABE. I am running ABE B.1-2 with freePBX 2.1.3. I highly recommend putting MySQL on a seperate server. I would also suggest that if you don’t intend to use FOP that you edit the amportal script so it doesn’t stop and start FOP.

If you really want to wait for 1.4 in the bsuiness edition it will probably be a while. It was 6 months between the 1.2 open source release and the ABE B.1 release (which was I think based on 1.2.7 and now is based on 1.2.9 with the B.1-2 release).