Digium Business Edition

I’m a newb, so sorry in advance of dumb questions.

Does Digium Business Edition have a GUI or web interface? Or is it really just a collection of tried and tested open source stuff? Does anyone have some screenshots? Does it contain reporting etc?




it’s based on the opensource product, but is usually a bit older. some users have reported that it’s more stable (although i don’t get stability issues anyway).

as for a GUI, you could bolt one of the usual GUIs onto it, or maybe wait until it’s released with 1.4 code and use the GUI that’s in there.

reporting would be another bolt-on too.


Biggest difference I notice between the free and business versions of Asterisk is that the pay version includes the G.729 codec - a commercial closed-source codec.

But then again, I’m just a geek that gets excited about things like voice calls only taking 8K.

There might be other features that are included that are commercially licenced. You also get a manual, so the executives see something that looks expensive, and therefore, they know it works. :wink:

Thanks guys, I get it now.

Cheers, Dex

While on the phone with the Digium support desk last week, we were chatting about TrixBox, and I mentioned that it would be cool for Digium to come up with it’s own GUI system, like FreePBX.

The helpdesk tech said that they were working on it, but that it wasn’t ready for release yet. He didn’t have any details, but he said that there would probably be a free edition, as well as a for-pay business edition.

Yes there is a Digium GUI and can be downloaded right now. However it’s not stable yet. There was a discussion about it in this thread: