Installing FreePBX on an existing asterisk system

I have got an asterisk system currently running, and I want to install freePBX to make it easier to use. The current extension and queue setup is very important to me, but all of the freePBX installation methods say that i will lose my existing asterisk system.

Is there any way of installingf FreePBX manually as a module on top of asterisk without losing my old system??

FreePBX will overwrite your /etc/asterisk conf files, so unless you back them up, they’re gone.

you can always add the contents of the conf files back in to the new ones, but you have to be careful to make changes to conf files that FreePBX doesn’t overwrite when you make a change in the GUI.

i’m not about to try myself, but i guess you could only install the FreePBX modules you need. but if it’s extensions and queues, that’s kinda core so is likely to be affected anyway.

do you really need FreePBX ?

I am doing this for a company and we are trying to make the system more accessible to the admin staff, rather than just the technical staff. We need to make it easy for them to create menus, for simple things like help lines.

if it’s a limited set of functions you want, have you considered writing your own php app ?

I agree, Its better to write one yourself. You can then include as much or as little as you want.

Menus would be very simple to do in PHP and you would have better control over it.

You might want to see if you can use the v1.4 gui component. Check this thread: